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PLEASE remember to always clean the fire place / fire stove BEFORE re stacking and lighting.


Consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable wood in the search for environmentally friendly renewable energy resources and to reduce “OUR”carbon foot print. FireLogs.uk.com provides premier seasoned dried firewood, kindling and firelogs. Well  seasoned firelogs are considerable for a number of reason such as :

* Generates greater heat output
* Better fuel efficiency
* More economical
* Minimum stove and fuel problems


Types of wood:


FireLogs.uk.com only supplies hardwood  scoured from our own sustainable South African woodlands.


Energy Efficiency


When buying wood, consider the cost per kilowatt of energy. Using local suppliers may seem more convenient, but much of the firewood currently available is damp and difficult to burn.


Loose loads of firelogs are cheaper & more environmentally friendly than packaged firewood.


The larger your delivery order the cheaper your firewood becomes.