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Buying firewood is not as simple as it first seems. As more and more people buy efficient wood burning fireplace’s, they begin to realise that, like anything, it must have the right fuel. Not only are there hundreds, if not thousands of small firewood producers around the country but also firewood is supplied in a huge variety of qualities and volumes.




At Firelogs.uk.com, we harvest our wood during the summer months of the previous year, where its left to dry outside with the help of mother nature as the highveld weather provides the perfect conditions for seasoning our wood. At firelogs.uk.com we have strict controls to ensure that all wood is well seasoned before it leaves our yard.   




It is difficult to match the perfect log to the ideal fireplace, therefore we cut our logs to an average length between 22 cm and 30 cm with a width of +- 10 cm to accommodate various fireplace sizes, if you would prefer bigger logs, please let our sales team know so we can give you the right size wood that can compliment your fireplace, click here..




We have different packaging sizes to meet our client’s needs, from 10kg bags to 1 ton loads. All our hard wood is slow burning with a low flame, we can mix a  ratio of 20% softwood with the hard wood to give a high flame if requested.


Delivery and price:


We  offer a delivery service. We gladly except cash and E.F.T’s. Please use your name, address and mobile phone number as a reference.

We will off load  your wood for all our valued clients, within a reasonable distance from the delivery vehicle - bags only, alternatively if you would prefer the packing of wood, the service is available at a cost.

How to order:


You can place your order either by  e-mail or via our web site, WE DELIVER 6 DAYS A WEEK! Send us your name, day of delivery, delivery address. Once we receive your information we will confirm with you via TEXT message or e-mail.

Please specify how many bags or 1 Ton loads you would require.