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Kindling is the small chips of wood and bark pieces used for lighting a fire with a moisture content of 10%. Neatly packed into 7 - 8 kg ( 16 Lbs) clear plastic bag.


- no minimum order in conjunction with other wood ordered.

 £2.95 per bag


FireLogs.uk.com supplies  households, various service stations and other  reputable outlets with barbeque  wood, charcoal and fire lighters

Our sekelbos barbeque wood,  is very popular during the summer barbeque months.


+- 8.5 Kg(19 Lbs)

£4.00 per bag

We only use Namibian hard wood charcoal as our preferred choice.



4 Kg(9 Lbs)

£4.50 per bag




Paraffin based firelighters. Clean burning.




£2.75.00 per pkt

Compressed  Logs. Made from sawdust. Ideal for fireplaces. Burns for a long time, no sparks or spitting and leaves little ash.


£8.00 per pkt 0f 14

Premium quality, long burning briquettes . Perfect for B.B.Q’s



4 Kg(9 Lbs)

£4.50 per bag


Our wood is felled and seasoned 3 years in advance and left to bake under the African sun in log form for 3 years before it’s processed and bagged ready for shipment. The average length of firewood averages between 26 - 29 cm ( 11.8 inch) and 10 cm ( 3.9 inch) thick. When burning, Blue Gum has a sweet / bushvled aroma. Blue Gum is ideal for households as it is clean burning with minimal smoke. Its ideal to be used as a commercial wood in pubs and pizzerias for cooking pizzas. All wood is bagged into +- 25 kg  ( 55 Lbs) bags for easy handling and storage.

25 +/-Kg  bag (55 Lbs)  of WELL SEASONED hard wood with moisture content 13 - 18%. Ideal for those long  cozy winter nights!  1 Ton load = +- 4 builders bags Recommended for  households that makes a fire 5 - 6 times per week with 1 fire place during the winter months. +/- 18 wheel borrow loads

Please note that a delivery charge may be applicable depending on where the order is delivered.